CD Transport

Measuring in at just 6" x 6" x 1.5" (the equivalent of a stack of 3 CDs in jewel cases), the Olasonic NANO-CD1 is the world’s smallest stationary CD playback device. But don’t be fooled by the petite package. This high-quality dedicated player brings your CD collection to life like never before. A pure digital disc transport, the Olasonic NANO-CD1 is optimized for precision and accuracy of sound. No ancillary components. No analog interference. Nothing gets in the way of the music on your disc. Pair it with the Olasonic NANO-UA1 or the NANO-D1 and take your CD listening experience to the next level. Includes selectable output sampling frequencies of up to 96 kHz.

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Product Features

  • World smallest stationary CD transport – Crafted out of seamless, die-cast aluminum, the device measures less than 6” square and 1.5” tall.
  • Designed exclusively for CD playback – Features a dedicated CD-playback drive mechanism for improved stability and high-quality sound reproduction.
  • Versatile set-up and operation – The device is designed for both horizontal and vertical operation, including the ability to switch the LCD display orientation to match a horizontal or vertical setting.
  • 2 digital outputs (coaxial & optical) – Connect it to the NANO-UA1, the NANO-D1, or another digital-to-analog converter and tap the true power of your CD collection.
  • Upsampling function – Play your CDs at the original sampling rate of 44.1kHz or upsample to 88.2Hz or 96kHz via the selector switch on the rear panel and enjoy a change of sound.

Technical Details

Supported media CD layer CD, CD-R, CD-RW, SACD Hybrid
Audio format
Digital output terminal
Output sampling rate
44.1kHz / 88.2kHz / 96kHz
Power AC100V ~ 240V (AC power adapter used)
Power consumption About 5W CD playback
External dimensions
5.87" (W) × 1.30" (H) × 5.87" (D) (not including protrusions)
5.87" (W) × 1.54" (H) × 6.30" (D)
Weight 2.65 lbs (body only)
Warranty period 1 year
Accessories Wireless remote controller, AC power adapter, RCA coaxial digital cable